Meissen Hentschel children playing group

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  • A rare Meissen group by Konrad Hentschel circa 1905 of children playing, a little girl and a slightly younger boy playing with a Meissen teabowl and saucer,using them to press out shapes onto a piece of wood, the girl wearing a green dress, the boy a white smock, 24cm wide, crossed swords mark


  • Previous restoration had failed and discoloured
  • Base previously broken and repaired with rivets
  • One head detached paper rivet todo?
  • Fingers and other details missing


  • Old and failed repairs were reversed and thoroughly cleaned
  • Sections bonded with water-white two-part epoxy resin
  • Missing details and fingers modelled in wax so that moulds could be made in silicon and cast with epoxy resin
  • Losses were colour-filled, tight to the damage, with same resin, bulked with fume-silica and tinted with pigments to match the porcelain
  • Details were hand painted with Golden acrylic mediums to unify the whole