A rare Sèvres biscuit group


A rare Sèvres biscuit group 'Le Jaloux' or 'Groupe Vandrevolle', circa 1760. Modelled by Van der Voort after Boucher, depicting a kneeling young man attempting to embrace a young woman seated on a tree-trunk in front of a pedestal, with a standing older man observing from behind the pedestal.


Hats of the woman and a standing man are previously restored with plaster
Missing sections: woman's fingers, sheep legs, basket handles and numerous chips to drapery
Surface dirt and staining on the surface


Old restoration materials were removed
In order to retain patina only the minimal cleaning was carried out
Research was carried out to establish the exact position/shape of missing sections
Missing sections were created using epoxy resin bulked with Glass Bubbles and syntetic onyx powder to achieve dry finish of the paste
The fills were polished to achieve the same mat surface as original