An ethical approach

On taking on a project we to seek to maintain the integrity of the object by not over painting, taking the time to research missing sections, ensuring any replacements are accurate.

The team is made up of experts specialising in ceramics and related materials. Drawing on diverse experience, with unique but complimentary skill sets, the studio is able to produce the best outcome for each individual object.

Sarah and Jasmina discussing the treatment of the Berlin Vase - conservators discussing approach to conservation of a valuable broken object ready for repair.

Collaborative, striving for excellence

We aim to achieve the best results aesthetically and ethically by following the following methods;

  • Collaboratively assessing conservation options
  • Exploring innovative conservation solutions, if necessary
  • Creative, experimental 'proof of concept' validation, if required
  • Frequently test combinations of materials and surfaces

We are regularly pushing the boundaries of conservation:

  • Researching new materials and application methods
  • Staying in touch with our profession internationally
  • Understand innovative techniques and their use in conservation
  • Engaging conservation scientists as and when more detailed analysis is required.