For individuals

Owners of family heirlooms and objects with a high personal value are able to feel confident that their objects will be treated with consideration and respect using contemporary conservation materials.
If needed, we research to restore sympathetically achieving a quality conservation result, delivering a long lasting repair.

Collection of various porcelain items varying from Minton Pate sur Pate vases, Chinese vase, Belleek teapots and milk jug, Meissen figures and Herend porcelain teacup.

Protect your object when an accident happens

  • Take a photograph of the damaged item
  • Do not be tempted to put the broken pieces together as this further damages the break edges.
  • Collect all the pieces – even the smallest sections are important
  • Wrap the sections separately in kitchen or tissue paper
  • Place in suitable box and contact The Conservation Studio

We do not proceed with any work until an approved estimate has been agreed. We make sure there is mutual understanding of what we can achieved; the treatment and the outcome of the treatment. This ensures your expectations will be met.

If an insurance claim is required we are happy to provide written estimates or communicate with insurance companies if required.

Diverse experience

The Studio has a range of experience in repairing a variety of object ranging from Chinese, Dresden, Meissen, Sevres, Minton, Chelsea & Worcester.

Other classicfications of objects we have worked are:

  • Ceramics including Porcelain, Delftware, Majolica, Terracotta, Stoneware
  • Glass including; Ancient and Decorative
  • Enamels including; Plaques, Limoges, Faberge
  • Jade
  • Alabaster
  • Marble
  • Historic tiles